We are not here to please, nor are we here to impress.

We're here because we are real women of sport and we were born to play. 


Supporting education and inclusivity

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School talks 

Focusing on the importance of inclusivity and equality within sport. We teach children about British Athletes who have represented their country, women and men, and encourage them to appreciate the importance of teamwork and determination.

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Coaching sessions

FA qualified coaches delivering sessions which challenge children to think about their play as a team, not as individuals. 

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Incredible artists, photographers and athletes whom we have collaborated with along the way.

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Where it all began. Take a look at some of our interviews, travel pieces, opinion articles and all the rest of that gritty stuff.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe that children are entitled to shape their own futures without existing bias and limitations. 


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

We've compiled together everything we have done this year for you to take a look at the journey we've taken.

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