Hello, we're Halftime London.


There's so much to celebrate when it comes to the journey of women's Sport. The talent has always been there, but it's the recognition that has been lacking. Needless to say, this year has been the absolute pinnacle of opportunity and success across a multitude of sports, and we aren't just talking about the UK and USA because we're from there, we're talking about every single individual competitor and the talent that has been expressed.

Another momentous change has been the coverage that we have seen across all TV and online channels, as well as advertising campaigns supporting teams such as England's Lionesses. We are not (yet) directly in the spotlight, but the fact that we have been promoted this way is pivotal in itself.

We, as founders of this project, truly believe that this is the year for real women of sport and we want to contribute to this in any way that we possibly can. There's such a long way to go, and it's going to get harder, but what is incredible to see and feel is the unity that is present across the world. We're not standing up for individuals, we're standing up for our gender. 

Both of us are very excited to begin launching our mission statement across social media as a channel dedicated to providing a platform for the voices of real women of sport. Having faced the dominant adversity felt by any woman or girl in the world of sport, we both feel as though this is not just an interest of ours- it is a passion and a compulsory duty to prevent others from enduring the same struggles that we did. 

Our co-players and friends

Our co-players and friends

Our journey began interviewing and profiling co-players and friends under our previous name: Real Women of Sport. Since then, we have moved on to launch a wider-reaching platform and kept #realwomenofsport as our hashtag. Our blog will focus on discussing current topics within the world of female sport, interviewing those who inspire us and want to be heard, and showcasing the extensive talent found within the world of women's sport. Our biggest aim, of course, is to connect those looking to play with those seeking players. Essentially, our entire reason of existence is to remind women and girls that they have voices and talent and are surrounded by others who feel the same as they do.

Please join us in opening this conversation and making it as loud as possible! We will be continually interviewing and profiling real women of sport which you will be able to read on our blog, but we would love to hear from you!  If you wish to submit a story or suggest someone for us to get in touch with, then please send us an email: ladies@halftimelondon.com

We are not here to please, nor are we here to impress; we are here because we are real women of sport and we were born to play. 

Kelly Macbeth Mackay