Neros Coipel from Mindset FC opens up about coaching girls.

Jamila, Mindset FC, Cred: Image by Eliza Hatch

Jamila, Mindset FC, Cred: Image by Eliza Hatch

I don’t like to stay still plus it’s just so cool working with all my coaches.
— Jamila, Mindset FC

Dominika: What’s the most important element of coaching?

Neros: The most important element of coaching at Mindset is to identify what triggers the players, so getting to know them as a person off the field will help them learn the game. As everyone has different learning styles. Some players are better visually, so players would rather watch demos and go to the back of the group and others would understand better by talking to them 1 to 1. 

D: Is there a difference between coaching boys and girls ?

N: Yes there is A difference in styles of coaching between the boys and girls. 

With the girls you have to change your approach as through experience the girls take things more personal where as the boys can have a slight macho personality where they take information and already know what they did wrong so it won't effect there game much. 

The girls you have to be a little more patient and relaxed to make them feel at ease. But at the same time the girls listen better then the boys. The boys session will be 100miles per hour even if they don't understand the session as they want to look like they understand where the girls will be more slow paced than it picks up as they get more comfortable. 

Ruby, Mindset FC, Cred: Image by Eliza Hatch

Ruby, Mindset FC, Cred: Image by Eliza Hatch

I think the matches are really fun, and right now we’ve been winning a lot of them. And even when we don’t it feels like we are one big family in some way. I mean not as that close, but we all support each other.

N: Mentally the girls are better then the boys as they seem to have a better connection with each other and are more welcoming but this could change in years to come, with the boys they are more confident but this could be due to the fact they have been playing longer and have a better understanding of the game. 

Like I said before this could all change in the next 5 years with the growth of the girls game. As the girls are looking more and more confident. Game after game. 

The team work and the community I find is better in the girls game as they have more of a connection with each other. In call it a in-house hierarchy where they settle for who is the better player and they play to that persons  strengths where the boys are more based on individuals and everyone wants to be the best player of the team. And you'll see this through all the age groups. 

The girls are a little more sensitive and thoughtful so they don't tend to shout/moan at each other where the boys want to wing. 

D: What is your ambition for the girls football careers? 

My ambitions for the girls team is to push them as far as I can in football, but this season I have noticed the girls have other strengths as they tend to play more sports then boys do, which is amazing. So like I said before I want to know what they are like off the field as well. And support them in other areas in the game. So not just playing football. 

D: Are any of them aiming for careers in football?

Yes we have about 2 that are aiming high for playing the game and 1 that is really good in front of the camera, who we are actively looking for opportunities for some supporting her in getting behind a screen to present.