the soul of what we do

Sport is more than just exercise; it’s a way of reaching deeply inside of yourself and finding who you really are and what you are made of. We believe that our society has become so absorbed with what is online that we have forgotten who we truly are as individuals. Our digital selves are not our real ones and it’s time to bring back genuine connection and communication.

Sport, for us, is the most natural source of communication. No matter what level you are, if you are committing to physical exercise then you are providing your mind and body with the release it needs to perform better.

Halftime is a place to read inspirational stories of women and girls who are out there getting dirty; read provocative articles that make you question everything you think you already know about sport and the history of it. It’s a place to find beginner sessions in a sport that you’ve always wanted to try but felt too self-conscious to do so; a place to suggest collaborations and enquire about school talks which empower girls to be proud of themselves.

Leave the ego’s at the door because we’re not interested in those here. All you need to have to join us is a willingness to try new things and the attitude that by bigging each other up, we better ourselves.


There's something profound about the idea of women empowering themselves and each other, which is the main incentive behind this project.

We started Halftime London because we wanted to make a change in how female sport is viewed, by both women and men. As footballers, we have faced adversity since we started playing at the age of 8. Our mission is to shift perspectives from fear of inadequacy to having the confidence to start something new and stick with it.

We believe that everyone should feel entitled to play sport and achieve the benefits that an active lifestyle can provide, mentally and physically.