We offer talks in schools which look at the history of UK sport and discuss the importance of inclusivity, teamwork and empowerment.



Feedback from talks we have done in the past year.

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Discussing the importance of supporting young girls in sport from grassroots in order to remove fear of inadequacy in sport.

How do we expect an equally respectful future if we don’t acknowledge the need for equal representation?
— Kelly M Mackay, Co-Founder Halftime London
Photo: PACK: New Rules

PACK: New Rules

Vanessa Whiteside, Co-founder of PACK: New Rules:

“Kelly joined us as a panellist at our inaugural PACK event discussing being a female in male-dominated industries.

Kelly spoke eloquently and passionately about her experiences as a woman within the sport industry and how her she is using her learnings to empower children and young adults to embrace equality not only in sport but in their wider environments.

Kelly us an honorary member of the pack and I’m excited to see how her career in leadership develops… watch this space.”